Electrical Inspections & Renovations

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Malverne Electrical Inspections 

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Bianco Electric provides electrical inspection in Rockville Centre. We are licensed to work in most towns, villages and municipalities throughout Nassau County. If you are selling a home, moving into a home, or want to make sure your electrical panel, circuitry or meter is safe; it is a good idea to have an electrical inspection. Our Rockville Centre electricians can detect any potential problems and make sure everything is up to code. Bianco Electric can remove any Electrical Violation, bring all electrical to code and help provide an electrical certificate for your certificate of occupancy (CO). After inspection we will list any problems we find, suggest solutions and can deliver an estimate to fix any issues after the electrical inspection. Schedule your appointment today for a free estimate.

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When you decide it’s time for home renovations or have a remodeling project, it is wise to have the professionals at Bianco Electric to help with both the planning and the execution of your electric project. There is nothing like a little friendly advice from Bianco Electric who is familiar with the renovation process. A well planned job with a good electrical and lighting plan creates an ideal space with enough power, lighting, and outlets to accommodate today’s lifestyle.

If you want to undertake an electrical renovation project and just do not know where to begin on in your home, then please contact Bianco Electric. Our expert electricians can help you plan out and get started on your new renovation project. Including Bianco Electric early on in the renovation project can save you money in the long run to insure things do not have to be moved around to make the electrical system work properly. Our electricians can install new wiring to add to the convenience of your home, or re-wire present systems to keep your home safe.

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